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"Message for the Millennium" Performance

Dancers at the Message for the Millennium Performance

Combining stunning visual art, music, dance and theater, “Message for the Millennium” told the story of our common spiritual journey in the condensed language of art and myth. The inspiring pageant of evolution began in the timeless realm ‘before the beginning’, and evoked the soul’s memory of this primordial realm.

The “Message for the Millennium” performance, and the events which surrounded it- a month long exhibition, an artist residency and workshops for the community- embodied the purpose of Awakening Arts. This multi-modality approach affirms the role of art in the new millennium; as a vehicle for collective inspiration.

From creative director Dana Lynne Andersen:

"Art has a noble role in the evolution of humanity. It is no longer sufficient for the artist to express the darkness or to show that we are lost. It is time for all artists, and the artists we all are, to claim the far more difficult and heroic task of finding the light and showing the way. In ancient times the artists served as shamans and visionaries for the entire community, they created the sacred spaces of inspiration and revelation. It is time to rediscover this act of community and nourish its evolution.

In my artwork, and in this performance, I have sought to explore and reveal the inner realms; the Eternity beyond infinity that is the source of our Being and the destiny of our Evolution. In the past few decades we have discovered thousands of galaxies previously beyond the reach of our vision. As our “depth perception” expands outwardly in the increasingly vast parameter of our vision, so may it also increase inwardly to the remembrance of Eternity. Within us is a greater vastness than any outer expanse.”

Message for the Millennium was performed in 2000 and 2001 at the Northern California Center for the Arts and St. Joseph’s Cultural Center in Grass Valley as well at San Dominica in San Anselmo California.

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