Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.
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September 2006 Press Release   Contact: Dana Lynne Andersen (530) 277-1164

Dana Lynne Andersen's Art featured at "Zeigeist" exhibition

• ARTISTS RECEPTION            Friday October 27th 6 - 9pm
At The Institute of Noetic Sciences, 101 San Antonio Rd., Petaluma CA (707) 775-3500     directions and map

• PRESS CONFERENCE          Thursday October 19th 10am



Californian based artists Dana Lynne Andersen and Annie Harrison have joined forces with UK based sculptor Ginger Gilmour to launch a new artistic movement. Andersen advocates 'Art on purpose', referring to work that is deliberate in its intention to uplift humanity. Andersen founded Awakening Arts Network, a global resource nexus connecting hundreds artists throughout the world who are engaged in creating art that is 'evolutionary' and 'transformative'.

Andersen met Gilmore at the Inspirational Arts Festival in Chelsea, London and the two have since been collaborating in a passionate mission to weld the power of art to change consciousness. Ginger Gilmore, former partner of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore, has been a growing force for change in the UK. Says Gilmore, "Our society is plagued by art that does not nourish, elevate or liberate the soul. Artists play a major role in laying the foundation for humanities evolution." Ginger’s own work, both monumental and sublime, exudes a sense of simplicity and refinement that beckons the viewer into a spacious experience of beauty.

Andersen’s large-scale paintings are stunning in breadth of vision and subtlety of detail. Her work is often 'cosmological' in theme and expression with bold, sweeping panoramas of color and form that speak not only of the vastness of the universe without, but take us into the mysterious depths of inner space as well. Annie Harrison, who joins Andersen and Gilmore for their first collaborative exhibition, uses the ancient science of sacred geometry to create stone and glass sculptures that feature flowing water as their central element.

The group, all of whom are successful artists in their own right, are working together to galvanize a renaissance of art with conscience and consciousness. Ironically, they are 'pushing boundaries' by advocating a 'return to centre'. According to Andersen, the contemporary art world's pursuit of 'the cutting edge' has led to a contest of shock value. “When work comes from the 'centre' rather the 'edge', it becomes the polestar that can guide us back on course.”

On October 27th from 6:00-9:00pm, The Institute of Noetic Science will host a gala celebration with live music and a special presentation by the artists launching 'Awakening Arts' at 8pm.

IONS, founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, has long been regarded for its vanguard research at the frontiers of consciousness, pioneering studies in meditation, alternative healing and extraordinary human capacities. (IONS was an early sponsor of Dr. Emoto’s work "Messages from the Water", and IONS senior scientist Dean Radin was featured in "What the Bleep 2"). Now IONS extends its vanguard to the arts. Andersen, Gilmore and Harrison herald a renaissance of 'art on purpose'. Three women, upholding the historical task of the artist as a conduit of beauty and revelation, remind us of the noble role that art can play in the world.

Note to Editors:
Dana Lynne Andersen and Ginger Gilmore available for radio, press and television interviews.
To arrange, please contact Dana Lynne Andersen (530) 277-1164.