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Upcoming Workshop

The Spirit of Creativity
A Retreat for Nourshing the Soul
August 23 - 27
Expandling Light Retreat Center, Nevada City, CA

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When you are creative, you feel the childlike joy of flowing in the timeless present. Wake up the artist inside you, and use your innate creativity to enhance personal and spiritual growth.

This program features hands-on studio sessions with guided explorations that use collage, paint, pastel, moving meditation and imagery. No talent or experience is required – everyone has the ability to express the beauty of the soul.

You’ll learn how to:

        • Creative practices for soul and spirit

        • Opening floodgates of artistic expression

        • Accessing inner wisdom and guidance

No talent or experience is necessary!

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Dana Lynne Anderson is an accomplished artist, writer, and teacher who has helped hundreds of people discover the joys of creativity. She is the founder of the Awakening Arts spiritual art studio.