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a beautiful flower blossoming with light  Illuminated Painting Retreat

        5 Days November 2005

        Visiting Dutch artist Peter Weltevrede

will offer a 5 day Retreat in the North Indian technique

of Illuminated Painting used in traditional Deity paintings.

You will also create your own Yantra (Visual Mantra) Painting.


Pieter Weltevrede is a trained social scientist with an advanced degree. Pieter met late Harish Johari in 1977 in Holland where he became fascinated with the healing power of the ancient tantric practice of yantra painting. He soon devoted his attention to mastering the North Indian iconographic painting techniques, studying with Master Chandra Bal and Suresh Johari .

Peter is now recognized by the Dutch government as a Master Artist. This has given him the freedom to travel once or twice a year to India for extended stays. Pieter illustrated " The Birth of the Ganga ", " The Monkeys and the Mango Tree ", " Ayurvedic Massage ", and the latest edition of the book " Chakras " by Harish Johari.

Pieter Weltevrede is currently working on a series of 72 paintings that show the various states of Being related to the chakras , as described in the Leela game of Self-Knowledge .

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