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Dana speaking with Festival attendees

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Dana Lynne Andersen gives a Keynote address at London Festival

Dana Lynne Andersen addressed a packed audience at the 1st Annual Inspirational Arts Festival in London on May 1st, 2006.

From the Festival's site:
Dana will give a talk on the theme: "Art and the Evolution of Consciousness", May 1st, 1:00pm:

"...The arts have always led the shifting of cultural paradigms, and now, just as in the Renaissance, a growing number of artists are seeking a deeper source of inspiration and a higher vision of what the Arts are meant to be. Individually, creative process is a profound vehicle for accessing higher and deeper states of awareness. Collectively, the arts have a unique ability to rouse the latent higher capacities which propel the evolution of humanity. Discover why and how the Arts can transform our world."

Dana Lynne Andersen, M.A., is a multi-media artist, playwright and teacher with degrees in philosophy and consciousness studies. Her paintings, often very large in size, explore the swirling forces of energy that underlie matter and seek to reveal life's numinous mystery. She believes that as our "depth perception" expands - billions of galaxies discovered in our lifetime! - it is also essential to expand perception inwardly to the vastness within. She is founder of Awakening Arts. Awakening Arts is a worldwide artists' network that supports uplifting the human spirit and awakening higher consciousness through the arts. Awakening Arts Institute nurtures “awakening artists” through an online resource nexus, traveling workshops and exhibitions, retreats and residencies, symposiums, and a small fine art press. It unites artists throughout the world who are seeking a deeper source of inspiration and aspiring to a higher vision of what the arts are meant to be.