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New Delhi News - March 23, 2007

An artist on a mission

A multi-faceted personality, California-based Dana Lynne Andersen is an artist with a mission. An expressive arts therapist, a multi-media artist, writer and teacher, Dana believes that art is a spiritual gateway.

"I want to speak to Delhiites about art and consciousness. India has a lot to offer in art and spirituality and it should lead the way. The coming together of art and consciousness enhances strength," says Dana, who participated in an interactive session organised here in the Capital on Thursday by Draupadi Dream Trust in association with Gallery Pioneer and Ishat Art.

Stating that much of modern art has become increasingly jaded, Dana says originality has come to mean simply breaking the rule and this has led to a contest of shock value. "The true meaning of originality is from the origin or that which springs directly from the source," adds Dana.

Dana, who creates original works in installations and gives live multi-media performances, also delivers lectures on the role of art in society. She believes that the purpose of art is to uplift the consciousness of its viewers, to inspire the soul and to awaken the spirit. "It is this kind of art that would make a difference in the world,'' she adds, claiming that meditation has refined her ability to remain inwardly receptive. Dana has a master's degree in Consciousness Studies from the John F. Kennedy University and has offered her unique programme to schools, civic art centres and various conferences for a number of years.

-- Madhur Tankha

Dana's presentation


Draupadi's concluding remarks


Dana answers questions