Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.
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"Dana Lynne Andersen creates works of beauty, vision and refinement. Charged with
a numinous quality, her work conveys
a sense of penetrating intelligence."




* You don't have to know what you want before you start.

* Once you begin, the creative energies will flow. Guaranteed!

* The process is as enjoyable as the product.

* It's contagious! Chances are your first commission won't be your last.


"Commissions let us participate in forming the things we live with. It's incredibly contagious; once you've commissioned something, and had a good experience, you tend to do it over and over again."

Toni Sikes Founder and CEO of




* The cost is up to you. We work with your budget. There is a wide range of prices and possibilities.

* The time it takes is up to you. We can work with you in depth, collaborating in the details. We can also work from a short initial interview to create a model for your review.

* The scale is up to you, whether a large or small work, a single piece or a thematic series.




* A signature image, can be rendered on a large original while a detail of that work can be explored in accompanying small prints.



Take the leap!

Find out more. There is no obligation in an initial consultation. Give us a call and let the adventure begin.

Commissions for Business

Thematic Resonance- Coherency and Impact

Imagine the impact of a stunning large scale original work in your lobby, with the signature themes and color palettes extended into a custom print series in your adjoining rooms. The effect is a thematic resonance which speaks volumes about who you are in a language that transcends the mind and goes directly to the heart.


If a picture speaks a thousand words-
                     what are your walls saying?

Real Results

With 'a thousand words' imprinted in a few seconds of viewing, doesn't it make sense to choose what you're saying? Intelligent, well chosen works of art can be a potent force of image and identity. Your "subliminal logo" will be remembered not just mentally, but emotionally- in the realm where choices are made.

Collaborations and site specific work

We offer inventive design collaboration in the production of site specific work; whether a large scale original, a durable vinyl print for atrium or outdoor use, or a print series for thematic decor throughout a large building, we welcome your project. Awakening Arts Studio draws from a worldwide network of artists who are committed to the highest levels of quality, integrity and meaning in their work.


To discuss your project please contact Awakening Arts Studios at 1-877-463-7443 or Click Here


See Dana's work in the The Guild Sourcebook for interior design volume 15 & 16 and "The Artful Home; Art for the Wall" volume one.

Commissions for the Home

Your home is a personalized reflection of your personality and values. When you choose a customized work of art, you fill your living space with more of who you really are.

A commissioned work of original art often becomes a treasured family heirloom. It is no surprise that in a sudden evacuation, such as a fire or flood, an original work of art is one of the top three items taken from the home.

Why Commission a custom work of Art?

Commissioning a work of art is a superb solution for many situations. Perhaps your favorite piece has been sold, or is too large or too small to fit the desired display space. Perhaps the work you see has sparked an idea in your mind and you would like to explore working with the artist to bring your vision into reality.

It is a thrilling process to collaborate with a talented artist in the realization of work that expresses your Spirit. It is truly exhilarating. There are few things in life that are this much fun and deliver such lasting enjoyment.


What is involved with commissioning a work?

* You don't have to know what you want before you start. Once we begin, the creative juices will flow. Guaranteed.

* The time it takes is up to you. We can work with you in depth, collaborating in the details. We can also work from a short initial interview to create a concept sketch for your review. From the get-go, the process is designed to suit your needs.

How does it work?

1]   We will help you explore your ideas and create a clarified vision of your project.

2]  Next we'll fine tune the vision with drawings or prototypes for review and refinement. Once we've arrived at a final design and price, the work begins.

3]   When your piece is finished it will be shipped to your door, along with a letter from the artist and a certificate of authenticity and registration. (Helpful if you choose to sell the work when it's value has increased.


Contact Information:

Academy Director Dana Lynne Andersen

In Europe

c/o Ananda Associazione - Via Montecchio, 61 - I-06025 Nocera Umbra (PG) - ITALY
Phone: cell phone in Italy 3663622473

For reference not contact:

In the United States

Voicemail Phone # (530) 876- 6311

C/O Ananda Laurelwood in Oregon
38950 SW Laurelwood Road, Gaston, OR 97119
For reference not contact:

C/O Ananda Village in California
14618 Tyler Foote Rd.
Nevada City California 95959
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In India

C/O Steve Berry
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