Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.Awakening Arts, the vanguard of a new consciousness in Art & Culture.
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Building a Dream

building a dream

Help us transform a warehouse into an international Center for the Arts!

This dream cannot become a reality without your help NOW!

Project Overview

The Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness offers innovative courses that use art and creative process as vehicles for personal transformation and spiritual growth. We produce concerts, dance & theater performances and many other cultural events. We serve as a nucleus of creative and artistic endeavors for the local and international community.

Creating a Nexus of Art, Culture & Consciousness for the world

Though our programs thrive, we lack a dedicated space and by virtue of our expansion this has reached a critical threshold. For several years we have anticipated the availability of an ideally located warehouse building immediately adjacent to Ananda. This building is now available and we are moving forward quickly to create a center for art, culture and consciousness in Europe.

building the vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a physical home for the manifestation of these ideals:

A Nexus of Art, Culture & Consciousness in Europe

  • A gathering place for artists & troubadours of -transformation who serve the awakening of higher consciousness in humanity.
  • A place of connection for the emerging field of Art & Consciousness

A Teaching Center offering classes in all modalities of the Arts

  • Taught from the perspective of consciousness in the arts.
  • Certifications in 'Transformative Arts Process'

A Cultural Center and venue for performance and exhibition

  • Serving both a local and international community
  • Offering concerts, performances and events
  • Hosting symposiums to explore the emerging culture & consciousness,

An Onsite and Online Gallery for an international Network of Awakening Artists

  • In synergy with an online community & resource network
  • Promoting collaborative projects, traveling exhibitions, etc.

Transforming a Space

The building offers a spacious main room with high ceilings and an earthen terrace that overlooks a stunning vista of Umbrian countryside. There is ample room for parking as well as a sculpture garden.

Adjacent to Ananda Europa, it is an ideal location. Ananda is an international destination drawing thousands of guests. Umbria is famous for its treasures of art and seminal role in the Italian Renaissance. The nearby town of Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis, is a center of spiritual pilgrimage as well as a gathering place for many international ecumenical and peace movements. Here in this historically salient province, we are planting the seeds of a new global renaissance.

With a few improvements we can have an inspiring studio for classes and a spacious gallery for exhibition and performance.

With a relatively small amount of money, this simple space can be transformed into a thriving center of art and culture.

The process has already begun with the replacement of the roof and improvement of the drainage systems, installation of the ceiling and portioning walls, basic electric and plumbing, etc. As the owner's portion of improvements draws to a close, we must step forward to complete the project. This will include painting the interior and exterior, landscaping, the installation of the gallery hanging and lighting system, studio sink & shelves, etc.

The new warehouse
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Timely Need!

We are creating a thriving center of art & consciousness. We're almost there! With your help we can open the doors to programs that will uplift thousands of people.

This is a precious opportunity poised at an important moment. Please help us to manifest a home for the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness so that it can serve as a beacon of inspiration to the world.

See the space & learn more on how to back this project (with terrific prizes for those who donate) - or simply donate directly through paypal below:

Our vision for the International art center:

Our vision for an international art center
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Dana Lynne Andersen
Academy Director,
Italy Number: (366) 362-2473
Voicemail USA: (530) 876-6311

For Italian or German speaking;
Shantidev Graf


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